2019 International Events

The main tournament of 2019 will be the Grand Masters European Hockey Cup at KHC Dragons, Brasschaat, Belgium from 19-29 June. 79 teams have registered to take part and the tournament draw is now out. Scotland will be represented in the Over 60. Ovr 65 and Over 70 competitions.

Scotland Over 70 kick off 2019, taking on England at Durham on Tuesday 5 March. squad

Wales will host the 2019 Celtic Cup in Swansea from 26 to 28 April, when Ireland will field an Over 70 team for the first time. A joint French/Welsh team will make the Over 70 tournament up to four teams.

Aberdeen is the venue for the 2019 Four Nations Tournament (formerly Home Internationals) on 24-26 May. The tournament, which will be played on two pitches at Countesswells and pitches at Aberdeen Sports Village and Rubislaw, will include for the first time an Over 60 Tournament Trophy in parallel with the Four Nations event.