Wales v Scotland (over 60)

Wrexham 15-16 November 2008

Scotland played a double header against Wales at NEWI, Wrexham, on Saturday 15 November and Sunday 16 November 2009. The squad was selected from members of both Over 60s and over 65s, with Alan Bain and Alex Cathro being awarded their first caps.


Black (GK), Auld (C), Bain, Bryce, Caren, Cassell, Cathro, Downie, Duguid, Dunlop, Forster, Golightly, McIntosh, Morrice, Springford, Tucker. Manager: Keddie.

Wales attack at Wrexham in 2008, putting Scotland on the back foot

Scotland on the back foot in a Welsh attack

The results were disappointing, Wales winning both games by a three goal margin. While Scotland actually had more possession than the home side, weakness in defence and inability to convert possession into clear chances cost the Scots dear. Scotland had no answer to the twin Welsh strike force of Martin Callaghan and Martin Day, whose speed and mobility caused endless problems. At the other end, the Scottish forwards could not break free of their tight-marking Welsh opponents and chances for Scotland were few and far between.

Scotland started the first game lethargically, losing a goal through a defensive error after less than two minutes. The home side was in command at this point, playing at a much higher rate than the Scots, and it was no surprise when keeper Black found himself exposed again; he was able only to parry the Welsh shot and their forward had an easy task of netting the rebound with no Scottish defender challenging. Scotland regrouped at half time and raised the tempo of the game, gaining the lion's hare of possession, but again it was the Welsh who scored to run out 3-0 winners.

Scotland started the second game as they had finished the first, dominating possession without seriously challenging the Welsh keeper. Once again, completely against the run of play, Martin Day got behind his marker to turn a long ball past George Black. Scotland continued to press and finally got on the scoresheet through Cathro, whose scrambled effort from the edge of the circle barely crossed the line with the Welsh keeper stranded. Unfortunately, inability to defend short corners led to two more goals for Wales without reply. To their credit, the Scots did not give up and continued to press, but once again fell victim to a counter attack, a long ball out of defence from the Welsh leading to a 2 on 1 situation which the Welsh once more exploited to finish the game 4-1 winners.