Jim White second from left at Oss in his last tournament before his death in March 2008

Jim White (second from left) enjoying the post tournament atmosphere in his last tournament in Oss, Netherlands in January 2008

WGMA European Championships

Sant Cugat, Spain 22-24 March 2008

The sad death of Over 65 stalwart and founder member Jim White just over a week before the event began cast a dark shadow over proceedings. A minute's silence in memory of Jim, at the moment that his funeral began back in Linlithgow, allowed those present to pay their last respects.

The tournament did not go well for either side, both finishing bottom of their respective groups.

The Over 60s, weakened by injury and illness, managed only a 1-1 draw against Italy in their opening fixture, and succumbed 15-0 to an England side determined to take advantage of the fact that Scotland could field only 10 men.

The Over 65s suffered from the inability to convert possession into goals, and had only a very creditable scoreless draw against England in the first game to show for their valiant efforts against strong opposition.