Lakes Tournament 18-19 May 2019

Scottish Thistles travelled to Cockermouth in the Lake District to play in the Lakes Tournament on Sunday 19 May, playing two warm up matches against England LX sides on the previous day. They claimed a creditable second place in the tournament with two wins and a narrow defeat to Cumbria.


Friendlies Saturday 18 May

England LX Red 3 Scottish Thistles 1
England LX White 7 Scottish Thistles 3

Tournament Sunday 19 May

England LX White 1 Scottish Thistles 2
England LX Red 0 Scottish Thistles 1
Cumbria 1 Scottish Thistles 0


Saturday was a disappointing day in Cockermouth. We lost the first game to England LX Reds 3:1. It was the third quarter that got us. Last quarter we finished as the stronger team but just could not score. The second game against a younger LX White team saw us end the first quarter two all. However the 2nd quarter saw us let in another four goals and we had to press in the second half. We had over fifteen clear shots at goal but only scored the one and the whites then equalised. Still 7:3 down though. The final quarter saw us in control again with none of the rushed passes that had dogged us earlier. Thistles were looking forward to the round robin actual competition on the Sunday after their warm up.

Sunday turned out a much better day in the actual tournament. Thistles beat England LX White 2:1 and then beat England LX Red 1:0. The third game against Reivers (a strong Over 60 Masters select from Cumbria, Durham and Northumbria) proved a little beyond us however, we created lots of chances but could not find the net. A scrappy passback to the GK went into the net but an opposing player had just touched the ball in the circle. So a defeat by 1 goal left us second overall.

Mike McInally


Dick Pearce, Mike McInally, Ian McCreath, Keith Raper, John Smith, Donald Dunbar, Ian Dunbar, Tony Walker, Peter Klein, Rob Campbell, Dannie Onn, Neil MacKenzie, Mick Christopher, John Lees, Paul Bateson, Iain Cameron