Scotland hosted the very succesful fifth running of the European Superveterans Tournament at Peffermill in June, but could not raise a team for what would have been their first Grand Masters World Cup. As a sign of things to come, two training matches took place at Rosyth ahead of the tournament. Those members who could spare the time off work (or were already retired), went to Athens with Alliance.

LUC Ronchin Tournament Lille 13-14 March

Scottish Thistles returned to Lille after a very succesful trip in 2003, finishing second and losing only one goal throughout the competition, against the eventual winners, England LX1.


Scottish Thistles 0, England LX1 1
Scottish Thistles 2 (McIntosh 2), Zestigplussers 0
Scottish Thistles 0, Abrahams 0
Scottish Thistles 1 England LX2 0
Scottish Thistles 0 France 0
Scottish Thistles 3, Alliance 0

Howard Andrew, Alan & Pam Auld, George & Ann Black, Alan & Alison Bremner, Doug & Carol Caren, Ernie & Marjie di Rollo, Ian Downie, Keith & Ann Forster (with Lois Cook, Ann's sister), Ron Fraser, Rab & Margo Keddie, Dave & Mary McIntosh, Alistair Philip, Harry & Jean Phillips, Norrie & Dorothy Springford. Gerry Toner was our umpire, with Jess.

Training matches at Rosyth 9 May

All but two of the squad for the European Superveterans tournament turned out to take part in two matches, against Fife Veterans and Perthshire Veterans, in preparation for the tournament. The missing players were George Black and Jim White.

Fifth European Superveterans Tournament Peffermill, Edinburgh 5-6 June

Eight teams took part in a round robin competition: Alliance 1 and 2, England 1 and 2, France, Germany 1 and 2, and Scotland. Unfortunately Netherlands was unable to send a team because of other commitments. The international matches between England 1, France, Germany 1 and Scotland counted towards the European Superveterans Championship, and were of 40 minutes duration against the 30 minutes for the other matches. Scotland must have spent most of their effort on the tournament organisation because the results were not as good as hoped. Every available player took part, a total of nineteen, with three different players dropping out for each match. Scotland finished in third place in the Championship Trophy, losing both their matches, while England and Germany drew their match 2-2, Germany winning the trophy on goal difference having scored one more goal against Scotland. Scotland finished fifth in the Challenge Trophy, being overtaken by England LX and Uber 60.


Howard Andrew, Alan Auld, George Black, Alan Bremner, Doug Caren, Ernie di Rollo, Ian Downie, Keith Forster, Ron Fraser, Rab Keddie, Dave McIntosh, Peter Monaghan, Doug Morrice, Harry Phillips, Alistair Philip, Colin Skinner, Norrie Springford, Alan Strachan, Jim White.

Scotland Squad European Superveterans Tournament Peffermill 2004


Alliance 0 Scotland 1
England 2 Scotland 0
France 2 Scotland 1
Alliance 2nd 0 Scotland 6
Scotland 0 Germany 3
England LX 2 Scotland 0
Scotland 3 Uber 60 (Germany) 1

World Grand Masters Championships Athens 30 September - 10 October

Unfortunately, Scotland could not raise a team for this tournament but seven members played for Alliance.

Mussel Festival Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands 24-25 November

Scotland LX returned to Hellevoetsluis for a second year, and defeated the Zestigplussers select 2-1 before going to the bar to round off the day's entertainment. Doug Caren scored five goals but he doesn's say whether any of them was in the "international". Carole Caren joined five of the squad and some of the Dutch players and wives for a round of golf on Wednesday 24 November and the other five wives were shown around Rotterdam by Jeanne van Krogten. All the ladies went on an outing to Goodereede on the day of the tournament.

Squad and Wives

Alan Bremner & Alison, Doug Caren & Carole, Ernie di Rollo, Ian Downie & Catherine, Alan Draper, Keith Forster & Ann, Ron Fraser, Rab Keddie & Margo ,Fred Lawson, Dave McIntosh & Mary, Doug Morrice & Joan, Alistair Philip, Colin Skinner, Norrie Springford, Alan Strachan, Jim White & Kath