WGMA European Championships

Sant Cugat, Spain 22-24 March 2008

Dunlop and McIntosh take on the Welsh defence in San Cugat

Cheesy Dunlop and Dave McIntosh take on the Welsh defence in Sant Cugat

Over 60s (Grand Masters) squad

George Black(GK)
Alan Auld (C)
Alan Bryce
Doug Caren
Ian Downie
Donald Dunbar
Douglas Dunlop
Allan Golightly
Dave McIntosh
Mike McLintock
Murdoch Shirreffs
Norrie Springford
Alan Strachan
Sandy Weir

Two of the originally selected over 60 players, David Margerison and Alan Strachan, were given permission by WGMA to play for the depleted over 65 squad, a decision which was to have serious repercussions when illness and injury hit the over 60s.

Injuries to the two centre midfielders Ian Downie and Norrie Springford in the first and second games respectively reduced the squad to the bare 11 by half time in the second game against eventual winners Netherlands. Neither was able to take any further part in the tournament. Worse was to come when Sandy Weir came down with a stomach upset overnight on the Saturday, and Scotland fielded only 10 players in each of the two Sunday matches, the rules not allowing the players who had been transferred to the over 65 squad from playing in these games. England were in no mood for mercy and piled on the goals without respite; the Germans took things a lot more easily, scoring 'only' six without reply.

With Weir still very weak but able to take the field in the final game and the other players still sore from two full games the day before, Scotland held Wales for a long period until the legs went and goals began to rain in once more. Scotland finished the tournament in sixth place and now the only way was up.

Sat 22 March Group Matches

08:30 Scotland 1:1 Italy
16:45 Netherlands 6:1 Scotland

Sun 23 March Group Matches

08:30 England 15:0 Scotland (Scotland played with only 10 men)
17:15 Germany 6:0 Scotland (again Scotland had only 10 players)

Mon 24 March Play Off Match

09:00 Wales 5:1 Scotland