England v Scotland Over 70 International
Durham Tuesday 5 March 2019

The annual Over 70 International between England and Scotland took place on Tuesday 5 March 2019 at 15:00 at the Graham Sports Centre, Maiden Castle, Durham.


England 7 Scotland 1 (Alan Parker)

Match Report

For those of a superstitious nature, the over 70s international with England did not start well. We lost a player and our coach due to a blocked rail problem; several hours spent admiring the outskirts of Montrose was not what they had planned. Then on arrival at the ground another player was unwell and could not play. The survivors therefore had to hastily concoct a plan to keep England at bay.

Perhaps understandably the team took some time to settle and lost three goals in the first quarter. A bit of reorganisation at the break brought about an improvement and there were no goals in the second quarter. After the interval, England scored again, but soon after, we "equalised". On a rare sally up the field, a free hit was won outside the circle. Dougie Turner quickly passed it to Roy Crichton, whose strike towards the goal was deftly deflected past the keeper by Alan Parker who had made a great run in unseen from the left wing.

At that point, the scoreline was probably a fair reflection of the game. Dick Pearce in goal made a couple of good saves, but most chances that England had were sent wide. The final quarter started as before, but towards the end, England added another three goals, mostly scrappy or mishit.

Defensively pleasing was the fact that England had seven or eight short corners in the game and none resulted in a goal. All told, not great, but quite a few positives, and definitely things to work on for the Celtic Cup in Swansea in April.

Jim Chisholm and Ally Philip played very well at the back, and Norrie Springford led the line well. Martin Petty played the second half and did some decent things. England appeared not to notice the mobility issue affecting most of our players ....

Scotland Over 70s Durham March 2019

Scotland Squad

Alan Auld, Alan Bryce, Jim Chisholm, Roy Crichton, Andy Ferrol, David Margerison, Duncan Mitchell, Alan Parker, Ian Pett, Martin Petty, Dick Pearce, Ally Philip, Norrie Springford, Dougie Turner. Derrick Reid and Sandy Weir were selected but were unable to play because of transport difficulties and ill health respectively; coach Sandy Keith was on the same train as Derrick. Andy Ferrol is missing from the photograph because he took it.

England Squad

Barry Mills (captain), Ian  Mellor (vice captain), Colin Kimber [G], Mo Umney [G], John Ridings, Geoff Lucas, Brian Perryman, John Maylam, Mike Christie, Stephen Stowell [3 goals], Richard Yardley [1 goal], Peter Denley, Mark Hollingsworth [1 goal] and Greg Hutchings [1 goal]